Australia is the land of sunny climate and beautiful beaches that offers a relaxed lifestyle with diverse culture and endless opportunities when it comes to personal and economic growth. In addition, the country is known to have a supportive immigration policy. If we are to go by statistics in 2015-16 the net overseas migration (NOM) showcased an annual gain of 182,165 persons, which is 3.0% (5,300) more than in 2014-15. The popularity of Australia as a migration destination continues to grow.

Listed below are some of the reasons people choose to migrate to Australia:

High human development index

As per the UNDP Human Development Index, Australia ranks second in the world. It entails factors like life expectancy, gender inequality, income, etc.

Home to world’s most liveable cities

Numerous Australian cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth make it to the list of world’s best cities to live. Melbourne ranks first in 2017 (7 times in a row). Different factors like environment, culture, healthcare, infrastructure are taken into consideration. In case you are planning to make a move to the lucky country, get in touch with reliable Australia visa immigration service providers in Bangalore.

Subsidized/Freehealth care facilities

The Medicare system in Australia offers access to a wide variety of medical facilities. It includes

  • Subsidized or free medical care in public hospitals
  • 75% of the Medicare Schedule fee for procedures and services in private hospitals


Weather plays a great role in attracting people from different parts of the world to Australia. One can experience all the four seasons from the blue summer skies to the snow-white winters. However, the seasons are inverted in this part of the world due its location in the Southern hemisphere. Winter lasts from July to August and summers are experienced in December to January.

Excellent Economic opportunities

The minimum wages in Australia is as much as $17.70 per hour, which is high in comparison with other countries. In addition, the government offers other access to education, housing, employment, healthcare, etc. All the policies are non-discriminative in terms of gender, age, color, creed and sexual orientation.

Law enforcement and democratic governance

The law enforcement in the country is competent and reliable. With the democratic rule prevailing in the country, civil liberties and judicial independence is assured.

Embracing diversity

After dismantling the White Australia immigration policy, the country has embraced diversity and multiculturalism, which is evident in its migrant intake and immigration policies.

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